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Recovering from an alcohol or drug addiction and trying to sustain abstinence is a process that begins as soon as a person takes the initiative to go through a detox program and rid their body of addictive substances. This initial detox step, however, is only the first of many.

Drug Treatment Centers Norwalk is a residential program which combines initial detox and rehabilitation, then continues the treatment further after the 15 day detox. Keeping the programs on after the other makes it easier for those in recovery to stay focused. For this reason, and due to the fact that recovery is most difficult in the first days after leaving the rehab facility, we believe in initiating a strong addiction aftercare program.

Successful recovery from alcohol or drug addiction and continued sober living rely heavily on proper and continued addiction aftercare. In order to understand why this is, get to know more about the concept of addiction aftercare, the benefits it can offer, and the support it can provide for aspects of life that may trigger addictive behaviors.

If you or someone you care about is struggling with addiction or battling to maintain their sobriety, call Drug Treatment Centers Norwalk at (203) 242-8279.

What is Addiction Aftercare?

Addiction aftercare is any support or treatment provided to an addict after their treatment is complete. The initial detox and rehab process can take anywhere from a matter of days to a few weeks or months. And those first days, weeks, and months are extremely important in the alcohol recovery process.

However, the days, weeks, months, and years after that initial recovery period are far more important to continued success in addiction recovery. Due to the fact that our residential addiction treatment is very structured and monitored it ensures patients stay clean however once they leave they need to continue to follow their new lifestyle without the monitor.

Addiction Aftercare is a way to keep some of the structure and is additional support for the addict during a time when cravings and triggers can easily turn to relapse. The main goal of our addiction aftercare program is to prevent addiction relapse.

How Can Aftercare Help With Triggers?

Every addict has a trigger or several triggers that recall a memory or enhance their desire for alcohol or drugs, sometimes to a point that is almost irresistible. While every alcoholic and drug addict has triggers, they do not necessarily have the same triggers. A trigger can be something as simple as a certain smell or sound or it can be a complex emotional response or a stress-induced reaction.

No matter what the trigger is, aftercare is in place to help the recovering addict deal with it. First, individual therapy with a counselor or psychologist can help to determine what the person’s unique triggers are. Knowing one’s triggers is one of the best ways to begin the process of getting addictive behaviors under control. Once the triggers have been explored and identified, the recovering addict and their therapist can develop coping mechanisms to handle situations in which those triggers are brought to light.

Support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous can also not only provide additional support from fellow alcoholics, but can be used as the primary coping mechanism for dealing with triggers as they arise. If a person encounters a trigger and/or becomes emotionally distressed, they can attend a meeting to avoid relapsing or putting themselves in a position that would compromise their sobriety.

Addiction aftercare is by far and away the most important element of any addiction treatment program. It can and does help to prevent relapse, can help provide support in many facets of life, and will help to identify triggers and develop coping mechanisms to handle them. In the event that you do have a relapse, you should return to medical detox and rehabilitation.

So, if you yourself are recovering from an addiction or you know someone who is in the recovery process, be sure to remember and emphasize the importance of aftercare for continued sobriety. Call Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers Norwalk at 203-242-8279 and find out more about how you can get the help you deserve.

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