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Alternative medicine is becoming increasingly mainstream, and alternative addiction treatment programs are no different. Alternative addiction treatment centers combine alternative practices like meditation and acupuncture with traditional therapies and detox medications to provide holistic care for those recovering from addiction.

Alternative addiction treatment focuses on an approach that addresses the mind, body, and spirit. Mental, physical, and spiritual states all play a role in addiction, where “spiritual” refers to the seat of our emotions and characters.

Most addiction experts and physicians agree that combining alternative addiction treatments with traditional treatment therapies increases the chances of a successful recovery. Addiction Treatment Centers Norwalk, we employ a holistic approach to therapy, which focuses on healing the person as a whole, not just their addiction.

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What the Research Says

Alternative treatment for drug addiction falls under the umbrella of alternative medicine, which refers to healing practices that haven’t been extensively tested in clinical and scientific studies, and therefore, have little evidence to back up their effectiveness. But that doesn’t mean these types of treatments are not effective.

Because research is increasingly pointing to the power of the brain to heal the body, many treatment centers are now adding alternative treatments to their own roster of programs to increase patients’ self-awareness and offer tools to help them better control emotions, attitudes, and behaviors regarding health and overall wellness.

Studies have shown that a holistic approach to alcohol and drug addiction recovery decreases stress, narrows the divide between mind and body, boosts immunity, and improves overall health and sense of wellbeing.

Effective Alternative Treatments

The list of potential alternative healing treatments is long, but these are some of the more common treatments being used in alternative drug rehab facilities today.

  • Acupuncture utilizes long, thin needles inserted into the skin to promote the optimum flow of energy through the body to reduce withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, irritability, aches and pains, and intense cravings.
  • Biofeedback is the process of learning how to use techniques like deep breathing and progressive relaxation to physically change involuntary body functions like heart rate, breathing rate, and muscle activity to reduce stress and anxiety and promote psychological confidence.
  • Chiropractic manipulations work to reduce chronic stress by increasing the flexibility and range of motion of the spine, which plays a major role in keeping neurochemical communication pathways open and functioning properly to improve overall emotional wellbeing.
  • Massage therapy during all stages of recovery is known to relieve stress by reducing levels of the stress hormone cortisol, increase a sense of wellbeing by increasing dopamine production in the brain, and improve circulation and lymphatic function for faster and more thorough detoxification. Massage also increases body awareness and attention to muscle tension, and the deep relaxation from massage promotes inner peace.
  • Meditation is becoming increasingly respected as an essential tool for pain management, greater self-awareness and self-efficacy, and mental clarity. Meditation for those in recovery can vastly improve the ability to resist cravings by “urge surfing,” or visualizing cravings as waves and watching from a third person point of view as the body rides each wave to its conclusion on the shore.
  • Nutrition is not alternative medicine, because science has long proven that the food we put in our bodies is a major indicator of our health. Good nutrition promotes optimal body functioning across all systems and has a deep impact on the health of our mind and body.
  • Yoga promotes physical, mental, and spiritual strength, balance, and flexibility and connects the mind, body, and spirit through the breath.

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