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When a loved one is addicted to either prescription or illicit drugs, often the only hope is found in a drug addiction rehab facility. Trained staff can assist the addict with making the needed changes to get clean and sober. People often hesitate to seek help with a local drug addiction rehab because of fear of the unknown.

At Drug Treatment Centers Norwalk, our doctors, nurses and mental health professionals work together to provide patients with the best quality care available. Our goal is to make you feel as safe and comfortable as possible while going through the detox and drug addiction rehab treatment process during your stay. Call us now at (203) 242-8279 and find out more about what treatment options are available to you.

Understanding How Addiction Works

Addiction has both a physical and mental aspect. The more often the person consumes the drug, the more the body requires it to achieve the same results. This is called developing tolerance for the drug.

When the person doesn’t have the drug in his or her system, the body goes through withdrawal. It has gotten used to the drug and cannot function without it. These symptoms can be quite painful, leading the person to return to substance abuse in order to make the pain or uncomfortable feelings go away.

Addiction is also mental. The addict’s focus is centered on the drug, even to the point of neglecting everything else in his or her life. In fact, the addiction is often used to dull feelings of depression, anxiety, sadness or other emotions that the person doesn’t feel equipped to deal with. They isolate themselves from family and friends and begin to abandon their responsibilities at home and at work.

Who Becomes Addicted

Addiction doesn’t happen to everyone. Some people are more susceptible because of life circumstances or other issues. However, the main cause of addiction is genetic. According to the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, 50-75% of the risk of addiction comes from having a family history of addiction.

Finding Help

Addiction is not usually a condition that a person can handle alone. People who have become addicted to drugs need help from professional therapists at treatment centers. They may also need medication to help with the substance dependence or other conditions that either led to the problem or were the result of it. This includes mental health issues such as depression, as well as physical conditions from the drug use.

Trained staff members work with the addict to help him or her overcome the desire for the drug. They also educate the person on new ways to cope with problems instead of turning to drug use. Treatment length can vary based on many factors, including how long the person has been an addict and what other mental problems may be a factor. Finding the right rehab center is the first step to making a life change for the better.


Drug addiction rehab helps with the detoxification process and the treatment that follows. Some drug addiction rehab centers offer inpatient programs, while others work on an outpatient basis. The choice for which one is best depends on the individual and the situation.

Outpatient addiction treatment is most effective for those who have not been addicted to a substance for very long or are only battling one addiction. They must also have a solid support system to help them through the difficult times.

People who are long-term addicts benefit from the stability and security of an inpatient program. They also have more options for treatment available, including medications to help with withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

At Drug Treatment Centers Norwalk, we provide these and many other treatment program options for our patients. Call us today at (203) 242-8279 and speak to someone who understands your struggle and can help guide you through the steps of recovery.

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